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The Good Enough VillageThe Good Enough Village: A Village Without Walls — The "Good Enough Village" is an experimental community whose vision is to inspire by their demonstration and be inspired by other culturally creative people in building healing, transforming, and self-empowering communities that, in all their diversity, can grace the world with hope and sustain a common faith in humanity. The "Good Enough Village" culture is continuously developing nourishment for its members' souls, and the means for expressing their hearts in ritual, music, play, poetry, art, and dance. The community as a whole has studied and been inspired by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj's teachings for many years, particularly His Teachings on the (difficult) aspects of true community life.

More about the Good Enough Village experiment

Our way of life is relational by design, full of feeling, and deeply sensitive to each other. As we live this way, we naturally relax into humor, laughter, joy, playfulness, and love. We also find ourselves called to accept life’s trials with compassion and understanding.

Together, our lives reflect an experiment in social creativity emboldened by our courage and skills. We are a living demonstration of:

  • A methodology of sustainable community living that fosters personal and social transformation;
  • A social contract that balances individual initiative with consensual democracy;
  • A school for self-mastery, which provides instruction for citizenship and empowerment for vocation;
  • An appreciation of the individual, balanced by an appreciation and respect for our community, its organizations, and its leadership;
  • Living in covenant: acknowledging our need for one another and surrendering to the transforming power of forgiveness, unity and love;
  • The teachings of Perennial Wisdom that awaken us to the path of self-development and Self-realization on the way to meet the world in peaceful conversation.

Our membership spans four generations from many walks of life and religious preference, encumbered by no particular creed or ideology. Rather, we are devoted to understanding freedom, self-responsibility, and creative collaboration in making meaning and seeking grace, even in the mundane affairs of life. We are the village it takes to raise a child; the community it takes to help a person more fully integrate the lessons of mental health learned from a counselor. We share, intimately, both our failures and triumphs with one another as children, teens, young and restless adults, couples — gay or straight, parents — single or paired, families, or third-age folks. We see this as an essential part of belonging.

We are interested in sharing with others what we have learned in order to make a difference in society. Thus, we welcome kindred spirits who take the time to observe our culture and recognize the potential in joining us long enough for their own transformative work, leadership training or other professional development, or simply as students of community. If this results in long-term membership, that too is welcomed, but not assumed.

Good Enough Village founder, John Lawrence Hoff, Th.D., is a professional educator and trainer, a counselor, a clergyman, an organizational consultant, and a scholar who is respected for his spiritual and practical perspective on life and community. As a young man, John realized that to develop himself, he would need a community of people dedicated to the work of personal and spiritual transformation. After spending more than a decade searching for and not finding such a community, he set about creating the Good Enough Community. For more than 30 years he has been doing his life’s work of building a community. He now serves as our Executive Director, or as we often refer to it, our director of creativity.

John has an unusual combination of experience in psychology, spirituality, and business. His ability to direct the many faceted organization that is our community comes from this broad background. He brings to our attention the writings of a wide array of scholars, from authors in transpersonal psychology such as Ken Wilber and Frances Vaughan, to teachers of the perennial wisdom such as Sri Aurobindo and Avatar Adi Da Samraj, to educators and visionaries such as Rudolf Steiner, communitarian advocates such as Amitai Etzioni, and organizational educators such as Peter Senge. Thus involvement in our community, through John’s example, means intellectual integrity as well as a commitment to personal growth.

John writes of the influence of both Adi Da Samraj's Teaching and Spiritual Blessing Transmission:


John Lawrence HoffA number of people from this community seek to follow the way of Adidam and our community as a whole has studied Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj's teachings for many years.

It is important for me to say that while I've had many teachers, the most important influence has been the person I knew first as Da Free John, and who is now known as Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj. His relational methodology for working with people suggests that it is centrally helpful to learn how not to constrict in the presence of another. He suggests we query ourselves continuously, "avoiding relationship?" I began to learn how afraid I was of intimacy even though I was leading a process of developing an intimate community. As He published book after book, I found they each helped me with other difficult aspects of community life: people's fear of cults; the human difficulty with sexuality; the problem of dealing with levels of consciousness; the conflict that can occur between good friends at different stages of the journey, and the like. His writings have also impacted many members of this community, helping them to appreciate my own process of Realization. A wonderful experience of Him at Darshan when He visited the Northwest last spring was a huge gift to me and to three other members who were with Him as well. The power of His Blessing has been experienced by many of us.

Reverend John Lawrence Hoff, Th.D.


For more, please visit the
Good Enough Village website

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